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7 Things You're Going To Learn:

  • How I generate 255,322 unique visitors to my affiliate marketing business in just 30 days
  • Why the traditional traffic model of driving ads to affiliate links doesn't work for affiliate marketers anymore
  • How I self-liquidate my lead generation (I pay for traffic with the profits I make from the leads I generate)
  • Secret way of buying leads, but only paying for the leads that convert for you
  • Why creating content and working really hard will only make you feel like you've built yourself a job... and the true "passive" traffic strategy that doesn't cost an arm and a leg
  • How I generated 1,339,261 email opt-in leads in 2020 and how they earned me well over $3,000,000 in verified income (proof will be provided on the webinar)
  • How to generate quality leads that generate up to $34.85 earnings-per-click in my affiliate business

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